A informação veiculada em quadros e gráficos estatísticos é imensa e multivariada. Geralmente, fazem-se análises particulares segundo o ângulo que ao observador interessa mais, que noutros momentos, pode ser muito diferente. Assim, creio que o disponibilizarem-se quadros e gráficos estatísticos aos estudiosos é muito importante e que, num blogue, permite que se faça debate das interpretações e análises que cada observador faz dos dados apresentados.

domingo, 28 de setembro de 2008

Google Maps UK Adds Traffic Information

via Google Blogoscoped by Tony Ruscoe on 9/26/08

Google Maps UK has finally added live traffic data to the major roads in England*. As with other areas in Google Maps that have traffic data enabled, you can also let Google predict what the traffic situation will be like on any day at a specific time.

In other Google Maps news, NYC has just got Google Transit directions, which allows users to plan their public transportation routes online. You can visit the Google Transit site to see which other cities also have this functionality.

[Thanks Peter!]

*It seems this isn't available for Northern Ireland, Scotland or Wales yet.

[By Tony Ruscoe | Origin: Google Maps UK Adds Traffic Information | Comments]

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24 Hour Air Traffic Around the World Blows Minds, Eyeballs [Airplanes]

via Gizmodo on 9/28/08

Here's a video displaying all commercial air traffic in the world during a 24-hour period. Seriously, I'm moving to New York City tomorrow and seeing the flight density in this computer simulation scares me a bit. Thankfully, it's a big planet with plenty of space to fly. But then, pilot friends tell me that sometimes they get close enough to wave at each other, so maybe it's not as big as to accommodate the 7.4 billion passengers that will travel by air in 2020. [Zhaw via Dark Roasted Blend]