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quarta-feira, 30 de abril de 2008

Internet Behavior Signals Election Fatigue

via Hitwise Intelligence - Heather Hopkins - US de Heather Hopkins em 09/04/08

Perhaps having recognized the trend, I should have steered clear of the subject, but I couldn't resist. Internet usage data suggests that American's are suffering election and politics fatigue. Surprised? Probably not. A quote published in this week's Economist (subscription required): "To be honest, I haven't been following [the Democratic campaign] any more. I lost my interest." Quoting 50 Cent (the rapper) who originally supported Hillary Clinton, switched to Barack Obama and now he's not sure.

Here's a chart of the weekly share of US Internet searches for "barack obama" and "hillary clinton":
Obama clinton Searches.png

Internet searches for the Democratic candidates' names have dropped to the lowest point since the week ending December 29th for "barack obama" and the week ending January 5th for "hillary clinton". (The Iowa caucus took place on January 3rd). It's not just the Dems that are losing momentum - visits to the Politics category overall follow the same pattern as do searches for "john mccain".

If you count the Iowa caucus as the starting point, it would appear that interest grew from that point to just past Super Tuesday.

Perhaps it's not just to protracted race but the constant coverage in the media that is causing election fatigue. With the constant tit for tat on the news, who needs to search for either candidate? In any case, this is a great example of how search data can be a good indicator of the desire for more information about a person, product or service.

Twitter - crescimento

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quinta-feira, 10 de abril de 2008

Número de páginas na internet entre Dezembro de 1990 e Março de 2008 - How we got form 1 to 162 million websites on the internet

The early growth is difficult to see in the graph, so here is a table showing how long it took before the web grew to 100,000 websites:
Number of websites, Dec 90 to Jan 96 Date Number of websites

Dec 90 1
Dec 91 10
Dec 92 50
Jun 93 130
Sep 93 204
Oct 93 228
Dec 93 623
Jun 94 2,738
Dec 94 10,022
Jun 95 23,500
Jan 96 100,000

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Circadian Ritmo (Ciclo da temperatura do corpo durante o sono)

Ondas cerebrais

Duração dos estágios de sono

Ciclos do sono